Python3 - pip doesn't work due to Activestate install -HELP

His Community. I started using ActiveState this week. Instead of installing Tk directly with pip, I did it the old fashion way. some problems occurred with the installation, and now I can’t access python3 form my terminal. Every time I write python3, state tries to build wish, but I can’t.

Last login: Tue Mar 1 15:55:58 on ttys000
ju*****@Ju**-Air ~ % python3
Something Went Wrong
x Could not update runtime installation
x Build Failed: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed
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• Run → state exec --help for general help
• Check the Build Log to find out more: /var/folders/zr/lmgplb3j4_q6xjfdlx_fbrwm0000gn/T/build-log-972782846
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This is the message from the log file:
[wish (067f3724-9098-5eff-bdd6-8b3cbc831e55)] Build failed with error: unexpected status: 400 Bad Request
== Build completed with FAILURES. ==

I just want to use python normally and also python3. Because of this I can’t use pip3 commands. It is really annoying. I also can’t uninstall ActiveState. IDK what to do. Please help

HI @jpwitt13 , Thanks for posting ! We shall get back to you soon! Regards.

You shouldn’t do it either of those ways with an ActiveState Python build.

Tkinter is a special module, and it basically has to be compiled against the build you use it with. You can’t compile it yourself on Mac because Apple doesn’t supply a Tcl/Tk in some versions and supplies an incompatible version in others. What you’ve asked for in your Project on The Platform is a very bare-bones Python with almost nothing added. Go to the Configure pane, and Add Tkinter there.

That said, you’re also trying the very latest version of Python we offer, and Mac support typically lags behind what we can do on Linux and Windows. Tkinter might not work at all with 3.10.1 yet; I’m not sure.

Try cleaning up what you’ve got now with the “state clean uninstall” command. Command Reference :: ActiveState Platform Documentation
That should allow you to update your state tool if there’s a newer version now, and can remove the non-functioning cache of Python3 that you currently have.

You might have tried to state activate the build at a time when all of our Mac machines were shut down due to a power interruption. “state activate” will only work if the project you are downloading has completed successfully, so watch the build status from your account on The Platform before you try it again.