Perl - NOT user serviceable. Just stops working out of the blue

I am NOT doing anything fancy. It just stops working and I have no idea how to even get it working again.

System message
state-exec: run failed: cannot run command: command “c:\users\kyanh\appdata\local\activestate\cache\ff4b2657\bin\perl.exe” failed: exec: “c:\users\kyanh\appdata\local\activestate\cache\ff4b2657\bin\perl.exe”: file does not exist
state-exec: Not user serviceable; Please contact support for assistance.


It sounds like you may have a failed installation during download, but it’s unclear. Can you provide further information to help us troubleshoot? Namely:

  • Version of Perl
  • Were you able to run this version of Perl successfully previously? ← this would help us understand whether it might be a failure on initial install.
  • How you installed Perl (i.e., did you install it form the command line or using the .EXE?) ← this would help us to understand whether the installer might be corrupt.
  • Operating system version.

Thanks for any further info you can provide,

It just so happened that AVG quarantined perl.exe. I found this out when it quarantined Strawberry Perl MSI (my intended fallback after nothing seems to work LOL)

SYMPTOMS.The same message (failure) repeats after reinstallation and reinstallation

Thank you for the reply and help.