Perl Dev Kit availability

I still have an old Windows service compiled 13 years ago using ActiveState PDK 6.x
Now, I need to make few amendments to the Perl script and recreate my windows service

I see that PDK is now unavailable, any ideas on how to go about ?
is PDK old version still available for consumption even though its unsupported by ActivePerl ?


As far as I know, you’ll need to re-implement the code as a native Perl Windows service using something like Win32::Daemon, and you’ll have to install Perl everywhere that the updated code will be run (installed a manner/by a user which the system will allow to run services, which might not be trivial if the systems are secured).

The core logic will likely be reusable, but you will have to add all the implementation/service handling details that the PDK PerlSvc tool used to set up.

The PDK is not available, and should be retired by all users (starting in 2016).