Very Old 32 bit to 64 bit


My application is using 32 bit ActiveState Perl version 5.8. It is a very old application and runs on Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit OS. Now we are planning to move to 64 bit Perl as some of the modules are not supported in old Perl which we need now.
I tried installing 64 bit latest 5.28 Perl but my application wont start. Is 64 bit Perl compatible to use for 32 bit application? Please help

If your application won’t start, that’s not a good sign, but it really depends on exactly why it won’t start.

Anything in a binary format isn’t going to be compatible. If you use a 64 bit Perl you need matching things like 64 bit database clients, and using the 64 bit Service Manager instead of the 32-bit versions. You’ll typically get some form of error from the dynamic loader or Windows itself if you have this problem.

Perl scripts themselves are not binary, so they can be interpreted by any version of Perl. However, your code may need to be updated. You’ll typically get some kind of Perl error from this problem.

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