Perl - DBD::mysql - Can't load DBD/mysql/mysql.dll - Windows 10 64-Bit

I have a problem with the DBD::mysql module. Unfortunately I could not find a solution in the existing topics.

I cannot get DBD::mysql to run.

My project can be found here:

Added modules: AWS::S3, DBI, DBD::mysql and DBD::SQLite

“Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden at”
=The specified module was not found at

Best regards, MDI

Hey @MDI,

How did you install the distribution? Did you download an MSI for a global installation or use the state tool for a local install?


That message usually means that you don’t have the required version of the MySQL client installed. There are some older discussion posts with the solution:

Hello zakg,

I have tried both. The installation with an MSI and also with the state-tool via the command line.

Unfortunately, this took too much time for me, so I switched to Linux.

But what exactly is meant by a wrong MySQL client version? Is an additional program needed on Windows?
MySQL does not run on the Windows computer but on an external server.

And I had nothing more than ActivePerl installed on the computer.

Hey @mdi-chectec!

While the MySQL server may be running on an external server, you still need a MySQL client library on your local machine to connect to the MySQL server. Did you have a chance to check out the response shared by @ActiveState-Support?