Perl - DBD::mysql - Can’t load DBD/mysql/mysql.dll

I’ve seen the other threads that say to download Strawberry perl and copy the libmysql dll from there, but that didn’t work. Also saw a comment by ActiveState Support that says that downloading third-party dll is no longer necessary on the new platform. Well, I’m on the new platform, and it’s not working! Any help? I’m on the latest Perl, 5.36.1

There’s currently a bug in the builder process that pre-locates the client library for the driver. It will be fixed very soon. Until then, this issue will occur if you have set your Perl up as a “there-can-be-only-one” Perl by putting things permanently on your PATH.

To correct the problem, add the Perl usr/lib folder into your PATH after the Perl usr/bin folder, and before the Perl bin folder.