Need help w/ info on getting these packages updated for my installation

The servers I have is not accessible to the internet. So i need to get an installable image to my Spacewalk pub library. Here is the issue i am having. Spacewalk is telling me I have to update to these versions of these modules.


we are on the "294 " versions

How would I get those? I do not see anything on the site to get these. I am new to this process.

Hi txmrlevine,

The best way to do this is to build a Perl project on a modern version like 5.28.1 if you can, the ancient versions are a bit hit or miss. Then add the packages you require to your build and see how it goes. If the exact version numbers aren’t available, you can usually move up to the closest one or try “Auto” on each and let our platform determine the best ones. You may need to play with it a bit to get the one you want. If you run into any build issues, you can report them here or in another ticket and someone in the community here may be able to help.

Also you can get an installer to pull down once you have a build you like.

Good luck,


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Spacewalk is describing Perl modules as packages provided by the Linux package manager.

Presumably, you’re on something like 64-bit Red Hat 7 which includes a pre-installed Perl 5.16 provided as part of the operating system distribution. If you use the operating system’s package manager (yum is an example of a package manager), you can upgrade, update, or extend the features of your operating system.

Spacewalk is suggesting that you patch/update the operating system by adding those specifically named packages that it knows are available from your operating system’s package library. Unfortunately, there is no way I am aware of to connect to your operating system’s library of downloadable patches unless you have internet connectivity. You should talk to your IT team or your system vendor if you have one. They may be aware of another option.

Installing ActivePerl doesn’t patch your operating system and it won’t replace the Perl provided by your operating system. It will take some reconfiguration, which might be simple and might not be simple, in order to make Spacewalk use a newer Perl or for that matter, any ActivePerl that is not installed as part of the operating system.

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Yes spacewalk is reporting it yet those packages are not available in yum. It is Central.

Anyway. Thanks for the response.