Missing required version


I’m new here, from https://crazypanda.ru/, I’m are trying to build XS::Framework module, but it complains that latest XS::Install is missing. I’ve added XS::Install, but there is only v1.2.16, while it is available v1.2.18 on CPAN.

Why so? What can I do to let XS::Install v1.2.18 be available for building for active state?

Thank you,
WBR, basiliscos

Hi basiliscos!

What operating system and version of Perl are you building for?

Hi zakg,

My perl is perl 5.28.1 and OS is linux (Glibc 2.12). I try to build everything in web-iterface, so my local notebook does not matter, as I admit.

Here is a screenshot https://i.imgur.com/c1xhOJK.png

Hi basiliscos,

That is odd. We should have 1.2.18, as it’s been out since June. I’ll check with team that works on this and get back to you.

Hi basiliscos,

We’re doing another large import of recent updates to Perl packages this week, which may address the missing version.

I’ll have more info on the long-term outlook for package imports on Monday and will post an update then.


Hi @basiliscos!

XS::Install 1.2.18 still hasn’t made it onto the Platform. We’re doing some work related to this and if all goes well, we should be have the version available quite soon. I’ll update again when I get more info.


Thank you, Zakg!

If it is possible to do that somehow locally on my own , I’ll can try to help, but I don’t know how.

The final purpose is to check, whether it is possible to work with AS perl with all our modules, e.g. XS::Framework, Protocol::HTTP, Date, URI::XS etc.

Hey @basiliscos!

Sadly, there’s nothing you can do locally at the moment. Thank you for the offer though!

I imagine that https://platform.activestate.com/basiliscos/ActivePerl-5.28 includes all of your modules? If so, do you want to post the build errors here? It looks like there’s an issue on Windows with https://metacpan.org/pod/next::XS.

Hey @basiliscos! I have some good news:

Thank you Zakg, I’ll try the fresh modules version.