Is it possible to get Perl-LanguageServer working?


Am I correct in saying that at present it is impossible to get Perl-LanguageServer working?
It works up until 5.22 due to a dependency somewhere in IO-AIO?


It’s difficult to say. IO-AIO and Windows are not exactly best friends, but it’s of note that there are no test results available for the latest (4.81) version for any platform, which might just be a glitch.

At the 4.80 version, exactly one anonymous tester was able to get a pass for IO-AIO on Windows using Perl 5.28.3 built with the very old MinGW 7.0.1. Nothing newer than that has ever passed, and since the pass was on Strawberry, the actual factor might be using one of the older C libraries that were/are included in the installer underneath IA-AIO.