Installing gmake

ActiveState perl was installed, it run without any problems, any error messages. As a first step I wanted to install via cpan the Modern::Perl module. cpan has started and a few seconds later broke down because it was not finding the gmake tool. According to Google, gmake is the make tool of gcc and cannot get installed separately. Does this mean that I have to install gcc in order to install Modern::Perl?
Thanks for your support!

That is not how you add modules to an ActiveState runtime. If you want a workflow where you do all the compiling on a local system, the best model is to build your own Perl and your own libraries from the source code. That is how you ensure that you have GCC tooling and all the components you will need at matching versions.

If you don’t want to do that, the Platform provides build tooling, so the Platform is where you need to be compiling the modules. Please review the process of adding modules as documented here: