How to install gcc and/or mingw?


ppm install MinGW used to be the command to install gcc and all that is needed to compile 3rd party modules. How to install these as ppm is gone?

Thank you


Welcome to the ActiveState Platform! In answer to your question, there are two ways to think about this:

  1. In sunsetting ppm and introducing a cloud-based build farm, the intent is that the ActiveState Platform IS your build environment. Anything you need to build form source code should be buildable on the ActiveState Platform in a far more secure, repeatable and simpler/quicker/easier manner than building it yourself on your local system.
  2. That said, if you need to build something using specific settings/switches, the ActiveState Platform currently does not support user-specific compiler parameters.

If your use case is #1, I encourage you to give the Platform a try to build whichever packages your project requires. It will build them all from source code (including linked C libraries) automatically for you, and package them for your OS in just a few minutes.

If your use case is #2, I’m afraid we cannot help since mingw/gcc are not available in our catalog of Perl packages/modules at this point.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for the answer, and my case is exactly #2 . While indeed it might be somewhat heavyweight to serve a MinGW installation on demand, you could at the very least provide guidelines how to set up the mingw compiler suite (or other compiler suite) you were using to build ActivePerl. This is rather unfortunate that ActiveState chose to pull the plug on this functionality; it will be quite a limiting factor.