Installing/download dmake

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Just wondering how I can download “dmake” as there are modules that I need to install that require “dmake”.

Thank you very much.


Hi @kdomingo - what modules are you trying to install that need it and how are you trying to install them currently? Let me know and I’ll check in with our Perl team.


hello @flukeout

I am using an externally developed module from/by chilkat. It is working well on my current environment that is still running an old perl version. And since I am and have upgraded my test environment to Perl 5.34, I download their latest version but it requires to use dmake to install their module.



Unfortunately dmake is not supported by the Platform but it was recommended that you can try installing - after which you can use gmake instead of dmake to install the chilkat packge as described in their docs. Hope that helps!