Can't find dmake after MSI install


I’m installing an MSI on Windows 10. Configuration is here - The config includes dmake package. After install, I don’t see dmake anywhere in the install dir.

Additional context. I’m trying to setup ActivePerl for the OpenSSL build ( It needs dmake, but can’t find it. My PATH variable includes the install dir (i.e. “where perl” finds the perl.exe). However, dmake can’t be found.

Has anybody found a solution here? I have the problem, too, in that dmake is listed as installed but apparently isn’t installed. Can’t find it anywhere.

Bump, any news about dmake not being installed even tough it’s selected in the configuration??

This isn’t because of a lack of dmake. The real issue is that your distribution is missing Win32-Console and trying to install it with one of the CPAN clients won’t work with ActivePerl 5.28. Thankfully, you don’t need to use CPAN to install packages with ActivePerl, that’s what the platform is for!

Simply head to your project on the platform and click the ‘Configuration’ tab. In there, click ‘Add Packages’. Search for ‘Win32-Console’ in the dialog that pops up, then click ‘Add’ next to it followed by ‘Done’ to close the dialog. Once you’ve done that, click ‘Commit changes’ followed by ‘View status’. Head to the Windows tab there and download the new MSI installer once it has completed.

Uninstall your existing ActivePerl distro and install this one in its place. From that point, as long as you have all the other prerequisites (Visual Studio 2017+, NASM), running

perl Configure VC-WIN64A

from an appropriate Visual Studio command prompt will complete, and you can use nmake to compile OpenSSL.


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