Trying to build Perl 5.28.1 runtime. Got message: There was an error processing your request. Please try again later

No dependency issues. just cant build right now. Has anyone else had this issue. Maybe the make process is having issues?

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Are you still having the issue? What OS are you trying to build for? Was this a stock fork of 5.28.1 or had you added any packages?


This was not a stock fork. I was building for Windows. I had added a few text table modules and was I originally getting dependency errors. These errors were clearly stated and so I added/deleted the modules I needed to eliminate them. It eventually came down to just saying “There was an error processing your request. Please try again.”, with no error information. I never did get the custom runtime to build.

This started because I downloaded 5.28.1 and no longer had access to ddm to get modules from CPAN. So, I started using the cpan cli to get the modules I wanted. This worked fine until I ran into a module that needed to be compiled, at which point I got the error message “dmake is not recognized as an internal or external command”. I assume the stock fork of 5.28.1 does not include dmake. Finally, I downloaded dmake from CPAN and now use the cpan cli to get the modules I need.

I’m happy now but I don’t like the idea of building a new runtime each time I want to grab a new module from CPAN. Maybe I’m confused and this is not the suggested way to do it.

Hey @steve-bennett-tellab

That sounds less than ideal.

Let me get someone with more expertise than I have on this topic into the thread.


The CPAN modules and dmake are causing the strange error message. Dmake in particular, because it’s not Perl, and really shouldn’t be on CPAN at all. CPAN is not a Linux/Windows package manager, but there are creative ways to use it as if it was.

Current builds created on The Platform won’t support the use of CPAN scripts and locally installed compiler toolchains. We will likely be adding some kind of flag to CPAN tools to help identify that they can’t be used, and avoid build failures.

It sounds like you’ll like what we’re working on with our 5.32 builders though. Those will be quite different, using the State Tool to support adding modules without rebuilding the installer and reinstalling.

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Yes, I was just reading about it today. It sounds like it will be much easier. Thanks for taking your time to respond.

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