Installing ActivePython


I am running Ubuntu desktop (Linux) version on laptop, and I’ve downloaded ActivePython 3.8.2, but having trouble installing it. I’ve tried every step possible to get started to no avail. But I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for this.


Hi @digitcw! Welcome and thanks for posting!

What does running which python3 on the command line return?

What steps did you take to install ActivePython?

Were there any error messages?


Hi Zakg,

I’m all set! I figured it out. Thanks for getting back to me.


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Hey @digitcw - glad to read it!

Are you using the tarfile installer? The most common issue with Linux installations is using the Linux Archive Manager to uncompress/unzip the installer.
The installer is a classic tarball. The Archive Managers that most Linux distros bundle will use an incompatible decompression algorithm and that will corrupt the installer’s contents. If you used the Archive Manager, the fastest way to fix things is to toss it all, download a fresh copy, and use gzip and tar from the command line.

If you do that, and still have a problem, or are installing with the State Tool installer, contact Include a description of what you’re doing when the error happens, and include the full error messages you get.