Installation failture

in the picture above you can see that my active python installation failed. I browsed to that directory and saw that the file stated in the picture exists. Please help me. If you want more information then reply back.

i downloaded the default installation provided by activestate. Please help me.

Hi @nazibalalam

Thanks for writing!

Did C:\Python38 directory already exist when you started the install process?

Are you able to install ActivePython to a directory that doesn’t already exist? Here are instructions:

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No i didn’t have that directory created it didn’t exist previously

Hi @nazibalalam,

Are you able to run the installer as an administrator? To do so, open the installer program by right-clicking, and then selecting “Run as Administrator”.

Does this fix things?

Alternately, were you able to install ActivePython to a different directory?


I did run it as admin. I tried C:\Python38, C:\Program Files\ActiveState\ActivePython.