Installation of newer Perl version - some questions

Here’s the deal. I have a “mature” installation of Perl 5.24.3 on my Windows PC right now. Komodo is set up to use it, the “additional Perl Import Directories” have what the need in them (project / Preferences), and everything seems to be working okay.

Question: If I want to install a later version of Perl, what happens to all that? Do I have to set everyth9ing up from scratch again? Does the installer import all my current settings? What are the caveats to a new install? Do i delete the old install first? Can the two versions exists side-by-side? SHOULD they?

As you can tell, I’m a rank n00b to Perl. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


HI @dolson , Thanks for posting your question, the team will advise accordingly. Regards.

Oh hi again @dolson (assuming you’re the Dolson I was helping in the Komodo forums)!

We’re confused about what you specifically asking for help with so we need you to clarify some points.

What settings? If you’re asking if the Perl installer updates the Komodo settings, then no, it doesn’t.

You will lose any Perl packages you installed with the previous install and will need to install them again.

Yes as long as you are comfortable managing the various environmental variables that need to be set. So, no, I said you shouldn’t.

It sounds like you should be using the ActiveState State Tool. This is the exact use case it’s meant to fill; switching between different language environments.

I’m too ignorant to even answer that question yet. It sounds like nothing is affected other than needing to reinstall all packages. That’s a positive.

And yes, it is I. I’m a deep, fluorescent shade of green to this environment. I hope to not be grossly ignorant for too long.

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