How to use the projects offline

This is a noob question, while I’ve been familiar with standard Windows distributions, the CLI interface behaves completely weird for me. I have defined two public projects on the site for Perl and Python, then used the “state activate …” commands to instal them locally, both interpreters work in the wrapping shell, but as soon as I leave it, they’re invisible. I have no idea how to make the interpreters available globally on my system, ie. when I use “perl” in existing batch, it will run This doesnot work, even executing “state run” doesn’t work (that’s undesired format as I 'd have to rewrite all perl calls), and shell associations of .PL extension doesn’t work also. Does ActiveState offer yet the standard old fashion installers?

Downloadable installers in exe or msi format, are available as an Enterprise feature, and as an add-on for Team tier. They are fairly expensive to add, as they come with no built in restrictions on reuse or redistribution.

You probably want the “state deploy” command, vs the “activate” command. Both commands will change shortly, but you can get the syntax for “deploy” with “state deploy --help”