How to download Perl (or closest equivalent)?

I am trying to run a code porting tool from ST Micro. (SPL2LL Converter)

I get this message: “XML::Parser::Expat object version 2.46 does not match bootstrap parameter 2.44 at C:/Perl64/lib/ line 210.”

The support forum at ST has this response: “To resolve use perl (older release) and it’s ok !”

But, I cannot find how to download any Perl versions other than 5.28 and 5.26 on this site.

Anybody able to help?

That’s not our version numbering system. Are you sure they’re recommending ActivePerl and not Strawberry Perl?

Probably any version of 5.24 will match the bootstrap parameter, but all free ActiveState 5.24 versions are end of life. To get an “as-is” or an Extended Support version of 5.24, you need to be on a paid tier.

Team and Business Tier have access to ActivePerl-, “as-is”. We didn’t issue a 5.24.4 version under free licenses.

Enterprise Tier users who subscribe to 5.24 releases have a version that has been updated, but is still not a 5.24.4.