and versions don't match

Based on my error message in (XML::Parser) below I believe I need XML::Parser::Expat version 2.46, but the only versions I see for this module are 2.2.5, 2.2.7 and 2.2.9
require XML::Parser::Expat;
$VERSION = ‘2.46’;
die “ and versions don’t match”
unless $VERSION eq $XML::Parser::Expat::VERSION;
The original error message is “Can’t locate loadable object for module XML::Parser::Expat in @INC”. When click on the error it points me to this version check. Please, advice, how it can be fixed. Thanks you.

Hi @spolovets,

Thanks for writing! Can you provide a bit more information?

What project on the Platform is this part of?

When I try to add XML::Parser to a new Perl 5.28.1 project that I just made, I see that 2.46 is the default version.