How to delete project in State Tool?

I would like to delete a project I created. How? It’s not evident in the state tool CLI help or web page for the project.

Hi @freimer,

Sorry for the slow response over the weekend!

Go to the Project Setting tab. The Delete button is on the right-hand side.

I confess that I’ve never tried this via the State Tool (and didn’t find a way to delete a project via the State Tool. I’ll have to ask the dev team for support and/or a feature :))


… and just to follow up, one can’t delete projects via the State Tool yet.

This is really bad, because as a complete newbie to the system you’ll inevitably fill up “your” space with irrelevant testing stuff.

Hey @phoiniks,

I’m happy to read this because it implies that you want to use the Platform a lot. :slight_smile: If it starts gets to be a problem for you, I can ask our product team to prioritize the feature.

You can always delete them one-by-one on the web interface for the Platform at the…/settings path, eg.

If this is about local installs, then you can easily remove them using state clean.