Delete my Account - Updated advice due to a new feature

Hi. There seems to be no way to delete my account, could you please do this for me?

Deete mine as well TKs LGPD

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Self Serve deletion is now available. See below.

The best way to have an account deleted is to send a request in email form to

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could you please delete mine as well

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I think that something like this has to be build in the interface…

Can’t remove this community account, nor the one of platform.


How to remove the Environment on the computer?
If you’re on Windows, make sure you have exited any running shell and have stopped the State Tool Service. Windows will not delete any files that are being executed.

Could you please remove mine as well? Thanks.

I did, thanks. Why not just put a simple “delete account” option somewhere in the menu?

We have now turned on the self-serve account deletion feature.

Projects can be deleted from the Project Management tab.
Organizations can be deleted from the Organization Management tab.
Accounts can be deleted from the Preferences tab at the top right of your Dashboard page.