How should I be installing modules into 5.28 on OSX?

From what I understand the integration tools that have replaced PPM are not yet available on OSX. Given a working compiler, is “cpanm” likely to work for things like DBI?

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Hi @lembark!

Thanks for asking!

It /should/, but should doesn’t mean will.

I’m going to try some naive tests and ask our Perl experts for their expertise.



Main issue would be DBI, DBD::Pg, others that require a compiler. I don’t know OSX well enough to know if their cc gracefully handles XS modules.

I think that macOS should handle XS modules, as long as you have their Command Line Tools installed. I’m just testing now (as I haven’t upgraded my dev environment after upgrading to Big Sur.)

Hey @lembark! No joy yet. I’m still downloading updates and muttering under my breath. I’ve pinged one of our Perl maven’s who isn’t yet checked out for the holidays to see if they have a recommendation.

I’ll make sure the developer tools are installed.

Thank you

With XCode and the command-line developer tools installed, any general XS module should install via CPAN or cpanm.

For a specific module such as DBD::Pg, you’ll need the appropriate development headers installed. The last time I did this, I found that using homebrew to install libpq and libpq-dev was the easiest approach.

There should be no compiler incompatibilities between our stacks; I believe we’re using a very stock XCode setup with no exotic configuration options.

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… and FWIW, I’m still downloading the 10.8G of Xcode. boaf