XML::Checker XML::Checker::Parser

I was able to add these for perl 5.32.1under Windows and Linux, but macos Darwin 20.3.0 perl 5.28.2 it fails to build under state and even fails using cpan test. No obvious reason is seen.
Does anyone know the ETA for macos builds under state for 5.28, or 5.32 ?
Or what might be preventing the cpan build ?
Or a good alternative module [set] that can be used for the same functionality ?
I’m coming up empty on Google searches, cpan testers, etc.

Mac OS is not supported for on-demand builds or build changes for Perl projects.

It’s blocked if you try to build a Mac OS only project, but we know there’s a back door that it’s possible to add Mac as a platform to any working build. That will not work until it’s possible to do stand-alone Mac custom and on-demand builds.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for reaching out…
5.28 does not work very well with State tool yet, we’ll be finishing up support for Mac on 5.32 in Q3 then will turn our attention to back-porting older Perls.

Fyi the same thing that makes Perl 5.28 not work well with our state tools the same problem our 5.28 has with CPAN. 5.32 represents our Modern experience which we’ll backport to older Perls as soon as the Modern experience is out of Beta.

Hope that helps.