MacOS won't build on either 5.28 or 5.26

I have been trying for two days to build a perl version for macOS. I need some custom modules, but this has all built previously…

Here is the error message from the build process on 5.28:

Reason: The build encountered an unexpected error. Please consult the build log for more details.

  • Build failures: Core
  • Command exits with 2: /usr/bin/make all stopped at /build/camel/lib/ActivePerl/Build/ line 524.

and on 5.26:

Reason: One or more packages failed to build

  • Build failures: module Module-Build, module PPIx-Regexp, module Text-Reform, module IO-Socket-IP, module Params-Validate, module DateTime-Set, module Params-Classify, module Class-Factory-Util, module Test-Differences, module Module-Runtime, module HTML-Tree, module Module-Build-Tiny, module PPIx-Utilities, module File-ShareDir-Install, module Convert-NLS_DATE_FORMAT, module Readonly, module Pod-Spell, module DateTime-Locale, module Perl-Critic

It is interesting to note that, despite the error messages, on 5.26 the individual modules all indicate success.

I have been trying for two days to get this working.

You can’t actually do a successful custom build on OS X. It’s not supported yet and needs some additional tooling and the next gen of solver. It should be available later this year. The backdoor method of taking a working project and converting it to OS X doesn’t get you past the problem that the builder has no way to get you a custom OS X build.