How do you download Python on a school chrome book

I tried downloading Python on Chromebook OS but it doesn’t work. I saw a Youtube video of someone using Linux so I tried here doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to download this on a School Chrome book? Also which a school chrome book i can’t download Linux with the settings so I need a different way. :smiley:

Hey @Drgonyodod what error did you run into?


Screenshot 2021-05-11 8.24.57 PM

@flukeout this is what happens if i download it. I cannot open the file.

Different versions of Linux can have not very much in common. Chromebooks are a case in point.

ChromeOS is not exactly a full Linux distribution, and you may not have important tools (like tar to extract zip files). ActivePythons are intended for full featured Linux distributions, either desktops or servers.

The main problem though is likely to be hardware. A lot of Chromebooks run on ARM chips and have lean hardware specs for RAM/DISK. Our Linux versions are built for 64 bit Intel chips. They generally will assume a fair bit of RAM and between several hundred MB and 20 GB of available diskspace.

@ActiveState-Support so i wont be able to download it?

From a browser, no. The browser doesn’t know what to do with a zip file so it doesn’t matter what the content is, you can’t process it. You might be able to download the file and open it from within a terminal window, if you have tar on the Chromebook that the browser does not know about. Once you get it downloaded and extracted, then it becomes important what is inside that zipfile, and you won’t be able to get any further than extracting it if you have an ARM processor.

So how can i download it without the browser on a chromebook?

I don’t have a Chromebook to work on, but you would need to know crosh, and have access to commands like “curl” or “wget” that are probably not installed by default, and might not be supported by ChromeOS.