Python embedded in dependencies

Python embedded in dependencies ate my system alive. Its on me for not catching the flags in time, but maybe the service shouldn’t be offered with a free trial if there is zero support or security for this. Python will always be Python and were on the internet I get it, I cant even chat with someone here without spending more money.

The point is, beware, use caution. The Perl archives are pretty old now there a ton of no good code hidden in the repos. Be smarter than I was.

If used properly, It a VERY cool tool to have and the pulls from the archive work well, unless it doesnt and gives everything cancer :frowning: It’s really not the companies fault it just would have been nice to be able to chat with support as advertised. Oh well, good ol’ getting hacked on Linux, its happened enough times to where I feel pretty safe about my info, the machine though and FS, toast