Failed to add LWP::Protocol::https::Socket

Any clues / options ?


Oops, we ran into a problem!
We were unable to provide some of your requested packages or could not satisfy their dependencies.

*** Auto version selection was used, and versions 6.02 thru 6.10 were listed; all with 0 CVEs

Needed to support TLS 1.3 in project


Basic problem here is that you have conflicts between the requirements in the bundles and what you have overcalled in the specific items section. The solver is running out of time trying to find one good match out of all these options, and you can avoid that by scoping down.

  • If a module is listed in a bundle, you shouldn’t call for it again in the individual items section.

  • Two of your bundles call for some of the same modules. Pick one of the two bundles, and add any items that the second bundle does not include as separate items.

  • Perl 5.32 is actually a bundle. It’s contents are defined by
    Perl core modules - Perldoc Browser
    You shouldn’t overcall a core module in the specific items section unless you know for sure it is a) dual-lifed so that you are allowed to update it without breaking the core, or b) going to be skipped by default, and c) isn’t skipped because it doesn’t apply to the operating system you’re using. Core modules are also allowed to have circular dependencies, because they’re integral parts of the Perl, but the solver won’t deal with circular dependencies within the time frame it is allowed to run.
    Core modules won’t be reported in the dependency section, unfortunately, so the only sure way to manage this is to pull out all the modules listed as core modules, then go back and add them ONLY if you can confirm they didn’t make into the build and are compatible with your O/S.

  • If a module is going to be required as a dependency, you can get into trouble by overcalling it at a version that has to be checked again for compatibility. Best way to handle this is to start with the bundles, see what dependencies are auto-added by those, and delete them from the specific items call list.

You’ll get a project that appears to be quite a lot smaller, but is only smaller in terms of what you tell the solver is mandatory. The rest can be provided by the solver as a “best fit”.

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