Error: Cannot make xxxx/yyyy always available for use while in an activated state

I created a new Windows Perl build with the WIN32-OLE package added. When I tried to install the build on my laptop, I get the following output and error displayed. I’ve been unable to find what the error means or how to get out of an “activated” state such that the installer would then work. Can someone elaborate what’s needed in this instance? Please and Thank You.

[robnelli/arc] C:\Users\HP>powershell -Command “& $([scriptblock]::Create((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’)))” -c’state activate --default robnelli/ActivePerl-5.28-2’
• Preparing Installer for State Tool Package Manager version 0.40.1-SHAc63b1c3…√ Done

█ Installing State Tool Package Manager

The State Tool lets you install and manage your language runtimes.

ActiveState collects usage statistics and diagnostic data about failures.
By using the State Tool Package Manager you agree to the terms of ActiveState’s Privacy Policy,
available at: ActiveState Privacy Policy - ActiveState

• Installing State Tool to C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\ActiveState\StateTool\release… :heavy_check_mark: Done

█ State Tool Package Manager Installation Complete

State Tool Package Manager has been successfully installed.

Running state activate --default robnelli/ActivePerl-5.28-2

█ Creating a Virtual Environment for your Project’s Packages

x Cannot make robnelli/ActivePerl-5.28-2 always available for use while in an activated state.

Hello robnelli, I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing some trouble using your project. The error may be the result of trying to set your project as the default on your system while already in an activated state. Try the following method

  1. Open a new command terminal.
  2. Go to your current working or project directory.
  3. Enter the following command to checkout your project from the platform. This will install and verify all dependencies.

state checkout robnelli/ActivePerl-5.28-2

  1. After checking out the project on your local machine, you can set it as the system default project by entering

state use robnelli/ActivePerl-5.28-2

More information on the checkout and use commands can be found here.