Enable TLS with Perl 5.12.6

We have a legacy Perl application on Windows 12 server, using SMTP to send emails. We now have a requirement to use TLS in order to encrypt the channel.

What modules are required to do this and what changes are needed to be made to the script?

We are also having issues installing the TLS related modules for this version of Perl.

Also what is the link to download zip files for these modules. I can try manula installation if it is available.

Perl does SSL support in core modules in all Perls after 5.8. While this means you get SSL support out of the box, you also cannot alter the level of SSL support that is provided. 5.12 comes with a very old version of OpenSSL from prior to the Heartbleed/Beast/POODLE family of vulnerabilities were known. There is no support for TLS 1.2 with modern secure encryption protocols in Perls that old, and it can’t be added without rebuilding them from source.

Since those versions are “as-is” and can’t be updated, if you need modern TLS you must move to a version of Perl that can support an OpenSSL that provides support for TLS 1.2.

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