Can't Install Tcl/Tk

I get this when I try to add the package:

We can’t start the builds yet

There are some problems preventing the builds from running…

  • No ingredient version satisfies runtime dependency language/perl Tcl >= 1.11 (of requirement language/perl Tcl-Tk)

So much easier with PPM. Ah, well.

Hi there, Thank you for your feedback, we will look into it and advise accordingly! Appreciate your patience!

You need to take out ActivePerl-PPM and PPM-Repositories. Those are no longer available and will block your rebuild.

You should use OpenSSL instead of the much older version you have asked for.

Take out Tcl-Tk from the list of modules you want to lock, and let it recalulate the dependencies. The solver updates allow it proceed to the next step it when I do all of those.