Downloading Python

Follong directions from the book HTML in Easy Steps, i visited the webpage and created an account, but I can’t find Featured Projects and Languages in order to download Python. Whhat should I procceed?


After logging into your ActiveState Platform acccount, you can just click on the “New Project” button select a version of Python and the OS you use, and then click “Finish & Install Python”

Although the UI has changed, this video can help point you in the right direction:

Thanks! I downloaded the state-remote-installer.exe and clicked it.
It opened the command prompt window. It said:

This will install the State Tool
Your use of ActiveState platform is subject…
By continuing you accept the Terms of Xervice. Continue? (Y?n)

I entered Y. Then:

State Tool Package has been successfully installed.
Press ENTER to exit.

What next?

Did you create a python project?

if yes - you login to and click the python project then click “install” and copy the command to bring your project down, for example “state activate --default ActiveState-Projects/ActiveState-Python-3.11.2” and paste that into a command (cmd.exe) window (that you may need to run as admin)

that will bring down a local copy of python to your system using the state tool.

I see. No I haven’t created a Python project, and wasn’t intended to. I am following through the HTML in Easy Steps, and in the chapter “Create a Local Domain”, after the section “Install Abyss”, I’ve reached “Install Python”, before moving to “Configure Abyss”. The book describes the usual installation process, downloading the installer, clicking on it, following the directions,… I think I’ll skip this section for now.