Build Error: Win32-GUI package not included for Perl 5.28.1 on Windows

I am trying to download Perl v5.28 and include the Win32-GUI package, and it is giving a number of dependencies listed below.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thank you!

Unable to Resolve Dependencies!

Here’s what happened…

Because Ingredient|language/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14) depends on Feature|language|perl (>=0,<5.18.3 || >5.18.3,<5.20.3 || >5.20.3,<5.22.4 || >5.22.4,<5.27.0) and Feature|language/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14) is provided by Ingredient|language/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14) and Ingredient|manulife/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14), Feature|language/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14) requires Feature|language|perl (>=0,<5.18.3 || >5.18.3,<5.20.3 || >5.20.3,<5.22.4 || >5.22.4,<5.27.0) or Ingredient|manulife/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14). And because no versions of Feature|language/perl|Win32-GUI match !=1.14 and Ingredient|manulife/perl|Win32-GUI (1.14) depends on Feature|language|perl (>=0,<5.18.3 || >5.18.3,<5.20.3 || >5.20.3,<5.22.4 || >5.22.4,<5.27.0), every version of Feature|language/perl|Win32-GUI requires Feature|language|perl (>=0,<5.18.3 || >5.18.3,<5.20.3 || >5.20.3,<5.22.4 || >5.22.4,<5.27.0). So, because root depends on both Feature|language/perl|Win32-GUI (*) and Feature|language|perl (5.28.1), version solving failed

HI @kupersmide23 ,
Thanks for posting!
The team will look into it and advise accordingly.

@kupersmide23 : Can you please share the project URL?


Thank you for the prompt reply:

Here is the URL:

Build Error: Win32-GUI package not included for Perl 5.28.1 on Windows - ActiveState Community

Thx Ernesto

Win32-GUI is not compatible with 5.28.

If you need the module, you’ll have to use 5.26.


Thank you for your reply.

For Perl v5.28nis there any there another package that will provide the same or similar functionality, i.e. Message Boxes

Thx Ernesto