ActiveState Extension for Visual Studio Code

If you use VS Code as your primary IDE and ActivePython for your runtime environment, you can now combine the two with our extension for VS Code.

Whether you program on Linux, Windows or Mac, you can add our extension to VS Code in order to automatically pull in the Python runtime for your project from the ActiveState Platform. Start a new project and get coding in seconds.

You can install our extension from the Visual Studio marketplace.

The ActiveState plugin uses the State Tool under the hood, which provides a command line interface to the ActiveState Platform and allows for simpler management of runtime environments. For example:

  • Automate the setup of your environment to use your configured Python runtime during development for:
    • Debugging
    • integrated terminal sessions

To learn more about the inner workings of the State Tool, please refer to our GitHub repository.

Note that with this first release, any changes to your runtime environments must be done through the ActiveState Platform GUI.