Unrecogised private key format

Komodo IDE 12.0.1 Windows 10
Trying to set up a server for remote file editing.
I’ve getting the ‘Unrecogised private key format’ error trying to connect.

The key I’m using works for ssh access. It is an openssh key generated by git.
Any suggestions?

Roughly a dozen features of Komodo are no longer viable or have stopped working. Remote file editing hasn’t been reliable for quite a long time due to the very old encryption library that Komodo must use. Even before we ended Komodo IDE development we were advising users to change their work flow to avoid remote file editing.
The best result will be to take a copy of the file, and work on it locally, and then push the changes back when you are done.
If you use a source code control system, leverage that to make sure your file copies stay in sync with what others might be changing.

I’ll find an alternative method.