Unable to resolve dependencies for Email::MIME

I’m getting a dependency error on Email::MIME … but only if it’s built before all my other dependencies. If I add it last, it seems to work.

See the commit history of jgp_perl/AI-Perl5-32-0 for details.

Unable to Resolve Dependencies!

Here’s what happened…

Because root depends on Feature|language/perl|Email::Mime (>=0) which doesn’t match any versions, version solving failed.

Hi @jgpuckering,

Thank you for posting.
I’ll send this over to our dev team and they will get back to you about next steps!

Hi @jgpuckering

I heard back from the team.
Looks like its a casing error in your requirements file: It should be Email:MIME and not Email:Mime.

Let me know if this helps

Hi @jgpuckering

We’re interested in the tool used to generate the file you uploaded and whether it works with CPAN/carton or another tool. If so, we can look at matching its functionality in our upload imports

The tool is called Excel! :grinning:

The module list I have came from my client as an Excel spreadsheet. It has a column that forms a ppm command for the module. I added a column which forms a cpanfile “requires” statement for each module name. Then I simply copied that column to the clipboard and cat’d it to a text file. Then I used state import on that text file.

:man_facepalming: How did I not notice that? I was working from a dependency list from my client. In that list, the spelling was wrong. When I converted that list to “requires” statements and imported it, there was a failure. So I took out Email::Mime not realizing the failure was that it couldn’t be found because of the case mismatch. The error message wasn’t too helpful in that regard.

Later I installed it manually, but spelled it correctly because I was doing it from memory.

Consequently I erroneously concluded that it needed to be installed after everything else.

Thanks for figuring it out!