Build Error: MIME-Fast 1.6 for Perl 5.28.1 on Linux

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • MIME-Fast 1.6

Hi @mcdan333,
Thanks for the post ! The team will look into it and advise accordingly.

Hi again @mcdan333,
The error seems like a missing dependency for MIME-fast.:
ERROR: I could not find gmime-config file (and gmime libraries) on your system.
You should have gmime (and glib) library installed.
Let us know if works.

This build is happening on the Activestate server, so how do I install gmime libraries? A search for “gmime” in the Activestate configuration tab yields no results.

HI @mcdan333,
I will pass this on to the engineering team to advise, there might be some work needed on our end.