Unable to access fully-paid subscription and no response from ActiveState

I have an auto-renew subscription for Komodo-IDE from ActiveState. I was billed $99 on my personal credit card on 18-Jan-2021. I am no longer employed by the company I worked for at that time, and I no longer have access to that company email address. I want to transfer that account to my personal email address, so that I can download and use the products I pay for.

I have attempted to contact ActiveState several times and received no response.

Short of initiating the chargeback process with CapitalOne (and filing a complaint against ActiveState for fraudulent use of their Mastercard MerchantID), is there a way I can make contact with someone at ActiveState who can resolve this simple snafu?

A pm to me here or an email to the address on file with my community forum (it is correct) is fine.

Tom S.

I’ll send you an email from support. The process is self-serve, but some tips might be helpful.

Ok, the only email address I can see on file looks like your former work address.

You don’t need access to your former email in order to take the first step though. Log into your account on The Platform, and go to the Account Settings found on the pull down at the top right. Add your personal email address to the account and confirm the address. You confirm an email address by clicking the confirmation link in an email that The Platform will send. Once the address is confirmed, you can switch the primary email address of your account to your personal address and remove the old work address.

When that’s done, send a message to support@activestate.com from your personal address. Include the version of Komodo IDE that you’ve been using, as any subsequent process will depend on that, and after that I’ll give you any other information you’ll need.