Symbol to left of line numbers in editor pane

Somehow I have a strange symbol (see attached) in a column to the left of the line numbers. Doesn’t matter if line numbers are on or off - the strange symbol stays. With 3 files open, it appears on two of them, but not on the third (an older file).

What is this symbol indicating and how do I turn it off?


Hi @solidair,

That’s the Print Debugging tool symbol. Looks like you have a wonky Print Debug tool in your Toolbox > Print Debugging folder.

  • Open your Toolbox: View menu > Tabs & Side bars > Toolbox
  • Open the Print Debugging folder
  • Open and edit the relevant language file or delete it

The tool works by matching the line with the specified pattern. Looks like whatever file type you’re editing has an empty pattern as it’s matching empty lines.

This is what I have in “print.klf” (below). I -really- want to get rid of the auto-insert of “LIST” every time I type “print” Maybe I disturbed something else when I tried deleting the “LIST” from tabstop1:LIST ???

# komodo tool: print
# ==================
# auto_abbreviation: false
# indent_relative: true
# is_clean: true
# language: Perl
# set_selection: false
# treat_as_ejs: false
# type: snippet
# version: 1.1.6
# ==================
print [[%tabstop1:LIST]][[%soft:;]][[%tabstop]]!@#_currentPos!@#_anchor

Fixed. I had copied the “perl Print Statement” in the Print Debugging and renamed the copy ‘xxxPerl Print Statement’ - thinking that would easily ‘mask’ it from Komodo.

But no. As soon as I deleted the copy, the debugging symbol disappeared.

Thank you @careyh for your help. It did make me look at what I’d done and realise what was now different.

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