Please add File::Copy to your catalog of packages

Please add File::Copy to your catalog of packages. Thank you.

File-Copy is a core module.

Core modules are not optional. They will always be present in a Perl at a specific version that is coupled to the version number of Perl.

Some core modules are “dual-lifed”. This means that they can be updated to versions newer than the minimum specified by the core content rules. “Dual-life” modules can appear in the configuration pane of The Platform. If the core module is not dual-life, it is hidden from the user because attempting to use a different version than the mandatory one will break the project.

The only other case happens when core modules are incompatible with some platforms, and in those cases the build rules for Perl will not include those core modules and The Platform will not offer them.

Thank you for explaining that File-Copy is a core module!
However, I suspect something may be amiss (?)
When I tried to install a module with CPAN (a module unavailable in the State Tool catalog) I get the following error:
Undefined subroutine &File::Copy::move called at C:\Windows\System32\lib/CPAN/ line 602.


First, in case you didn’t know you can add packages using “state install” instead of using CPAN - we can replace using CPAN for just adding packages to your perl. Although you can use CPAN+State tool sometimes it gets tricky.

In this particular case there appears to be something amiss with the CPAN-Distribution.

CPAN::Distribution tries to use File::Copy functions without having loaded the File::Copy module.

One of our developers confirmed the code seems to have been that way for a while, and is possibly a bug in the CPAN library.

You can confirm we’ve installed File::Copy by running
perldoc File::Copy or perl -MFile::Copy -e 1

If using that specific version with a not ActiveState copy of perl works let us know the exact call/command and we can try to reproduce here and troubleshoot further.