Build Error: File-Copy 1.5 for Perl 5.26.3 on Windows

Hi together,
unfortunately I’m experiencing the same problem @alainrosen has reported. Trying to use the ‘BDB-mysql’ package in a build fails. I need a build for Win7 64 bit. Furthermore the package ‘File-Copy’ fails as well. Both packages could be used in Perl 5.20.2 without any problems and worked fine.
May we expect a solution? :thinking:
Thank you

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Morning @MSDLR, Please start a new thread for that. Use the link beside the failed build in your project.

  • Carey

Hi @careyh, thank you for taking care. Meanwhile I did a build without the failed packages. I’m going to make a fork including the missing packages an try a build, so that I’m able to use the link you mention. Best regards.

The build is done. The “Download Builds” page reports “Build Status Failed - Reason: One or more packages failed to build. Build failures: module File-Copy, module DBD-mysql”

In the “Package build status” list, all modules show status “not attempted”. The only links I can find on the page are:

  • Edit your Runtime
  • View featured Projects
  • View forum

Now I’m looking for the link you mention?

@MSDLR, on the Download Builds tab of your project, once the build completes and shows you that packages failed, those failed packages should show up at the top of the page and if it doesn’t already have a forum post that can be found for it in our forums, then there is a button that says Start a Discussion. Click that and you can start a new forum post to get help with your other failing package.

See screenshot below:

  • Carey

Hi @careyh,

this is, what my builds tab shows.

There even is no attempt to create a build.

There is no “Start a discussion” button anywhere.

If remove the the two failing modules “File-Copy” and “DBD-mysql” , I succesfully can do a build.

Target platform is Win 7, 64 bit.

Unfortunately the two failing packages are needed in a lot of perl-apps or toos, I created.

Thanks for support.

@MSDLR, I’ve broken your discussion out of the original thread as it’s diverging from the original topic quite a bit. Can you please share the link to your project? I’m not sure how you’re seeing your packages fail if the Platform isn’t even attempting to build your project (as shown in your screenshot). What am I missing? How do you know those packages fail if the build never starts?

  • Carey

This is what the build system reports ( screenshot above): “Build failures: module File-Copy, module DBD-mysql”. Thats all the system exposes to me. There is no other source of information to me as user.

Link to my project

Thanks for clarifying and sharing a link to your project. It looks like the logs are stale from the build. If you add a new package or change the version of one of your added packages that should trigger a new build and subsequently provide us with more helpful info, that button I mentioned before should be there too.

My apologies for the confusion!

  • Carey

Meanwhile I did several attempts to get a succesful build, e.g. using other versions of the questionable packages or ommitting them.

As soon as I add one of the failing packages, ‘File-Copy’ or ‘DBD-mysql’, no matter, which version I use , I get the same negative result, “no attempt” at all to try a build on any package. Very strange, isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

Only when I ommit both packages, a succesful build can be done.

What might be the reason for this strange behaviour?

Very frustrating…


I just had a look at your project and it appears that all the packages were attempted, including File-Copy so I can finally get some build info. I asked the build team about the issue and it turns out that you shouldn’t add File-Copy explicitly. It’s part of Perl core and is included in the base language so you don’t need to add it. We’ll like remove it from the list of available packages.

So remove File-Copy, it’s already in Perl.

Regarding the “Not Attempted” state your project got into, if you’re still able to reproduce the issue, please reproduce it, leave the project in that state and let me know. I’d like to investigate why the builds not starting under certain circumstances.

  • Carey

Hi @careyh ,
After I had removed the package, a build successfully was finished.

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Hey @MSDLR, finally some good news for you! Thanks for your patience. Please do let me know if you hit that Not Attempted issue again. Although, since this thread is specifically for File-Copy package, I’d ask you start a new thread for future issues.

Have a great day,

  • Carey

Hi @careyh, thanks a lot for taking care of my problem. If further issues should come up, I’d be happy to follow your advice. Best regards. :+1:

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@MSDLR, So very glad we got you sorted out. Yes, please don’t hesitate to ask more questions about the Platform.

  • Carey