Perl5.24 binmode STDERR, ":encoding('cp932');" does not work

while running following script on active perl 5.24 build 2404 x64
perl freezes!.
#!/perl/bin/perl -w
use utf8;
my $enc_os = ‘cp932’;
#binmode STDIN, “:encoding($enc_os)”;
binmode STDOUT, “:encoding($enc_os)”;
binmode STDERR, “:encoding($enc_os)”;
use strict;
{my $uuuu;
print “uuuu=$uuuu\n”;}

on active perl v5.12.2 or on Strawberry perl v5.30.3 at least this script does not freeze,outpot is following.

Use of uninitialized value $uuuu in concatenation (.) or string at line 9.

Do you know why this script freezes?

Build 2404 has been end of life for several years, and if there’s a bug in Encode or the UTF8 support, it cannot be fixed. Does ActivePerl 5.28.1 work with your code? If there’s a problem in the current version, we could possibly fix it.

self review

If Japanese is included in the script path, the problem will be reproduced.

I am trying to install 5.28. But installer ActivePerl-5.28.msi (5,771,264 bytes) is stuck at status [installing State Tool …]. I am trying to install to c:\perl64_528, but no files are created in this folder. The installer does not exit when I press the cancel button.

self review.
I just have installed from [Alternate Installers for Perl]
then I’ve made sure that perl 5.28 doesn’t freeze while running the above script.

I thought it was resolved, but I was wrong.
When I started it with perl, the problem was resolved, but when I started it with, it still freezes.

I think the reason is that the script path contains wide characters, but it’s hard to freeze.