Perl and MySQL 8.0 - "Strong Password Encryption for Authentication"

Hi Active State team,
MySQL 8 is introducing a new authentication method called “Strong Password Encryption for Authentication”. In order to use this new feature in a server configuration, clients, for example DBD::mysql , need to be prepared accordingly. Otherwhise clients would fail to connect, if a MySQL-server is setup using this new method. I found a blog on the web describing the scenario: Perl & MySQL 8.0.

I 'd like to know if DBD::mysql 4.050 provided in my Perl 5.34 project is already prepared to use the new authentication method. If not, are there plans to implement it?

Thanks in advance.

@MSDLR - I’ll alert the the Perl team to your question and get back to you when I have an update.

@MSLDR DBD::mysql doesn’t appear to be the issue here, rather the underlying database driver. By default, DBD::mysql on the platform will pull in mariadb-connector-c at version 3.2.3 which ships According to the blog post you linked, this version should be capable of using the latest features for authenticating to MySQL

Note that the shipped with mariadb-connector-c is a symlink to


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@flukeout and @shaunl
Thanks a lot for your efforts.

@shaunl I’m going to test it.

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