Need help configure docstrings in Komodo

how can I configure docstrings ?

For example:

  def complex(real=0.0, imag=0.0):
    """Form a complex number.

    Keyword arguments:
    real -- the real part (default 0.0)
    imag -- the imaginary part (default 0.0)
    if imag == 0.0 and real == 0.0:
        return complex_zero                  


Hi @tozhovez!

Thanks for writing! I’ll ask one of the Komodo experts to check in on your question.

In the meantime, what are you looking to do with or related to the docstrings? Perhaps this is old discussion is helpful? It


Morning @tozhovez,

Could you please provide a little more info about what you’re looking for? I can guess that you want code intel hinting from your doc string but I’m really not sure. When requesting assistance please be sure to include your use case/desired outcome.

  • Carey