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When editing python and typing ‘for’ in a string or comment komodo is inserting a ‘for’ code template, which is annoying, this shouldn’t happen in either context.

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Did you find a solution for this? I find the same thing with JavaScript (and with “if” as well as “for”), and even I choose Undo my cursor is back at the “if” or “for” and typing a space triggers the template all over again. It is awfully irritating to have to run the “if” or “for” together with my next word, then backspace to insert the space.

No resolution for this yet, but it’s really really really annoying.
Enough to switch editors

@agwego, Komodo actually have it’s own forum and @stek asked the same Q there: https://community.komodoide.com/t/javascript-if-autocompletes-in-comment/5207/2