Spell validation checker for HTML

I tried KOMODO EDIT but spell checker does not show up checker validation. Is it possible to set checkbox to do this? like < is missing…

Hi @toplisek, you should use Komodo IDE Download Komodo IDE - ActiveState.

Regarding the issue, could you share a screenshot or something showing what exactly is going wrong? Spellchecker is working fine for me.

Spelling checker should not be spelling checker but code validation. I am not sure but maybe I am wrong. see wrong tags in HTML. I attach also an image.

Aww, thanks for clarifying. You can see the Syntax Checking options for HTML in Edit > Preferences > Syntax Checking: Language HTML5.

I don’t think, with the tools we provide, that your example will produce a syntax error. Are you expecting it to complain that your tag is missing a closing >?

No problem. I attach a simple validator which shows HTML5 issue.