Modifications to console i enjoy use

I have modifications that i enjoy to the tk8.*/console.tcl library.

They include when selecting text in the console screen, it automatically copies the selection to the clipboard, which allows you to paste into console and other applications/windows.

Also i like to use the F1 key to bring up the TclCmd help documentation.

I can submit a copy of console.tcl for inclusion into further distributions.


Welcome to the ActiveState Community! Like you, we love Tcl, but we don’t actually own or drive it. Instead, we rely on the Tcl community to provide updates, which we then include in our catalog.

If you’d like to contribute your modifications, I’d recommend starting with the Tcl community: Tcl/Tk Community Resources or contributing directly to the Tcl core on Github GitHub - tcltk/tcl: The Tcl Core. (Mirror of

Hope that helps,