Tcl + Qt-5 - I'm looking for a library

I want to use Qt-5 from TCL scripts. I’m looking for libraries for that. If there are working variants of such library, give the link for me.

I also try to create Qt-5 bindings for tclsh.

Hi! Welcome to the Forum.

I did some Googling around and found some Qt/Tcl references that are for Qt 3 and 4, so not what you’re looking for. I don’t think we will be distributing Qt libraries though.

You might be able to find someone in the Tcl community who shares an interest in this project by following some of the links from long ago in this Tclers Wiki entry for Qt.

I think there is some [](http://Qt Tk).
I have not tested it. Also as i remember you wrote some amazing Tcl/Tk applications, I saw on some russian Tcl/Tk forums, something about documents encryption or signing etc. And people were commenting some stupid things, don’t listen to them. Keep up a good work.