Migrated Active Perl missing the Environment reference

Hello Team,

  I have migrated the Active perl from 5.24.1 to 5.36.0 version recently. I have set many environment variables that was retained on every migration but recent 5.36 version missing to refer the variables. Kindly help me to resolve the issues.


Team any update will be helpful. Previous version of perl migration retained the environment variables properly. Only 5.36 i am facing the issue. your valuable reply would be helpful. Kindly help me,

Did you use the “state activate” command to install the runtime? It seems like you may have, and may be trying to use the result outside of virtual environment where it runs. That isn’t supported.

State activate generates a one-user perl instance which is only active while the virtual environment is loaded. This allows complete confidence that any Perl scripting work you are doing will not interfere with any other user’s work or any system wide Perls. “activate” is a developer environment.

You might want the “state deploy” command, or an installer instead.