Looking for module Dancer 1.3514

Hi support team,
I’m looking for Dancer 1.3514, because it supports same_site attribute for session cookies. Since the existing project cannot be moved to Dancer2 in short term, it would be great, if version 1.3514 could be added to the module library.
Thanks in advance

Thanks for posting ! We will pass on the request to the product team .

Thanks for the request, @MSDLR!

I’ve added Dancer 1.3514_03 to our systems, so it should be available on the platform tomorrow morning (September 30).

Normally we ingest but don’t add development releases, but this is an easy change to make so I’d like to see how well it works for you!

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@system1 and @shanew ,
thanks a lot for your efforts. I’m very happy about this good news.
All the best to you and the team behind !

@MSDLR I just tested a project which includes Dancer 1.3514_03 and it built successfully for me on Windows and Linux with Perl 5.34.0. I think it’ll work for you, so please let us know!

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@shanew I made a fork of my project MSDLR\Perl-2021-02, added Dancer 1.3514_03 and tried a build. The new project is labeled Perl2021-03. Unfortunately the build failed reporting four errors.
The failing modules are: libjpeg-turbo 2.1.0, libpng 1.6.37, maria-db-connectorc 3.2.3 and win_iconv 0.0.8
Interesting to mention that the same modules had built properly in my project Perl-2021-02. In any of the failed cases the build log report “FileNotFound” Errors.

I’ve been able to reproduce this issue, and I’m working on identifying the cause.
I will follow up once we’re able to fix the problem.

@gboyce Thanks a lot for your efforts. I really appreciate that but don’t spend to much time if things are getting too complicated. Best regards


I’ve confirmed that the issue with Dancer’s dependencies has been resolved.

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